Zwalker I

In 1965 the K.N.W.V. issued a design competition for a real small motorsailer, as the fifty-fifty types at the time were more or less motor boats with auxiliary canvas.

The boat should be shallow drafted and was intended for inland and coastal waters. The winner was the design of a 8,10 m sturdy motorsailer named "Zwalker".

The design received immediately national and international attention . Her original appearance, combined with beautiful lines attracted many ardent "motorsail" lovers.

One of them was Mr. T. Kasemier from Medemblik who ordered the first Zwalker at the Jongert yard, situated not far from Mr. Kasemier's home. Mr. Jan Jongert was very enthusiastic about the Zwalker type and soon larger versions were developed, named Zwalker II, III and IV (9,30m-10,50m and 12,20m). They were mainly exported and today many Zwalkers can be found on the international waters.




This sailing yacht was originally designed for Mr. Rob Keegstra, a friend of Willem de Vries Lentsch.Mr. Keegstra, an experienced yachtsman, owned a Norwegian folkboat, which had not enough comfort.

A first design was made according to the owner's wishes and resulted in a 10,10 m steel, round bilged, ketch rigged, sailing yacht with a traditional long keel/rudder arrangement similar to the Norwegian folkboat.

Later the design has been changed and a closed teak wheelhouse was added which gave the yacht a motorsailer appearance. This design was named "Sirocco" and taken into production by Mr. Van der Zwaag of the Van der Zwaag yard (later RSB) at Irnsum, Friesland. After a while the hull was lengthened by 0,6 m in order to accommodate an aft cabin. This version has been produced with various interior lay-outs within the same steel hull till the mid-seventies.

Many first owners still own their Sirocco's and contribute to the selling slogan: Sirocco, a motorsailer which will never leave you at sea!


85' long range motor yacht "Pacific"


The first design of this type was a 72' (22 m) trawler-yacht, the "Atlantic" class, designed for a German client who had noticed the philosophy of the Cammenga yard in Wormerveer, Holland, to market a seaworthy offshore trawler-yacht. Simply constructed, with a high quality/building price ratio, and intended for the experienced seagoing yachtsmen.

The first boat named "Xenia" was a single screw version with a Gardner 8L3B, 230 hp engine. Cruising speed 10,5 kn.

This design was later lengthened to 85' (26 m) and named "Pacific" class. The first Pacific, named "Morondava", also single screw, was a great success from the beginning, both for the designer and the builder. Six Pacifics were built in a short period of time. After the Cammenga yard closed down, similar designs have been built by yards in Italy, Spain and Holland. A rescue and research version is currently under construction in Makkum, Friesland.